Personal Statement

Muhammad Sahil

Sahil graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Network Systems and Security and a Diploma Plus in Advanced Mathematics. Currently, he is pursuing Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land) in Singapore Institute of Technology.  As a motorcyclist, I feel that the traffic congestion in Singapore has not really improved over the years even with existing policies like the ERP and the COE scheme in place. Through this proposal, I hope that the idea of car-sharing will be implemented by LTA to encourage people to consider using the share-car.

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Executive Summary

This proposal discusses the concerns regarding traffic congestion arising from the high car ownership in Singapore resulting in traffic congestion. As such, the team would like to suggest a new approach to allow greater maneuverability in traffic especially in the CBD area through a ‘car-sharing’ approach. Primary and secondary data obtained from different sources has established a need for the improvement or developing of a new approach in order to reduce the number of cars on the road. This approach would serve to provide alternative transportation for people for occasional and leisure purposes and thus reducing car ownership. The proposed solution contains three parts, the conversion of unused taxis to the car-sharing vehicles, implementation of the approach and benefits of these cars. These ideas will work in tandem to complement existing policies to encourage alternative mode of transportation, reduce car ownership and effectively make our roads less congested and stressful.

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Letter of Transmittal

Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land)

Singapore Institute of Technology

10 Dover Drive

Singapore 138683


20 October 2015


Chew Men Leong

Chief Executive

Land Transport Authority

1 Hampshire Road

Singapore 219428


Dear Mr Chew,


Re: Proposal for Implementation of New Policy

Enclosed for your kind consideration is the following proposal for the implementation of a new policy plan in Singapore. We are pleased to present you the following proposal with the intention of reducing the number of cars on the roads and encouraging the new generation not to purchase a vehicle of their own.

The report comprises of the problems of which every driver faces on a daily basis and also the motivations behind the proposed solutions as well as a comprehensive summary of all related research.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our proposal and hope that you will take our suggestion into consideration to make Singapore a greener and  a more pleasant place to live in.

Yours Sincerely,



Hong Yi,

Muhammad Sahil,

Mubin Noor

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The Role of Peer and Tutor Feedback

I believe that the role of peer and tutor feedback is important and essential as it makes me realize of mistakes that I have made. The feedbacks that I obtained from my peers and tutor will help me to further improve myself and to prevent myself from repeating the same mistakes again. Without feedbacks, it is rather difficult to improve on one’s writing or presentation as one would feel that they are doing just fine.

Conversely, the written feedbacks that I have received with regards to my reader response and other articles have made me more cautious about my verb tenses and had taught me to write with a logical flow. I feel that the feedback were useful as I am more aware of my weaknesses and how I could make the necessary changes to improve on my article.

On the other hand, the verbal feedbacks that I received from my presentation and my group’s report has also made me realised some of the mistakes that I have made which I could have easily avoided. During my group’s project presentation on Sharecar, I failed to maintain eye contact with all the audiences. I felt that I should have not made that minor mistake as I am aware that maintaining eye contact with the audience is very important in engaging them to focus on the presentation and to not let them felt left out.

However, I felt that the verbal feedback is more beneficial for me as I am able to understand clearly what my peers and tutor is trying to convey to me. I could easily absorbed the information given from my peers and tutor immediately and I could reflect on my mistakes effectively. I also realised that by sharing my feedbacks to others, I am also learning and improving on my presentation skills at the same time.

All in all, I felt very satisfied with the knowledge that I have gained from this course. The tools that I have learned in this course are useful for my future modules and can be easily optimized for future presentation in my career life. In fact, I had already apply some of the basic skills that I have obtained from this module. Moreover, I am now more aware and cautious of the verb tense errors that I have always made when I am writing an article. I felt a lot more confident in writing than ever before as I am able to acknowledge my mistakes better.

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A person who influenced my life

A person who has greatly influenced my life would be my mother. She has a never-give-up attitude which I truly admire and she always have a strong believe in herself which gives her the courage and strength to carry on with her daily life. She always encourage me and my siblings to do what we truly believe in and to have a sense of freedom. She believes that we should not be restricted by other people perception on us and therefore, I always look up to her for her true values and words of encouragement.

I am currently riding a motorcycle and she was the one who influenced me to make that decision to take up motorcycling. I was not sure whether should I get a motorcycle license or not as I have heard rumours and stories of people getting into accidents and being paralyzed. I tried to seek some advice from my peers who are riding but I still could not make up my decision. When I went up to my mother and told her that I want to take up motorcycling, she immediately told me that I should go for it and not regret later for not taking up motorcycling. She always remind me that everybody in this world is only blessed with one life and that people should do things that they really want to do or dream of doing as long as it is not against the law or bad for their health.

She also influenced me to not pick up smoking. During my college years, I always went to school with my best friend and he was a heavy smoker. My best friend always invite me to try a cigarette but I will just ignore it. Then one day, another close friend of mine came to me and ask me why I did not even want to try a puff of a cigarette. I confidently told him that my mother has discourage me to even smoke a puff of cigarette as one puff is enough to get me addicted to smoking. I believe her words is true as smoking is something which is difficult to quit once you have started it. My mother also mentioned that most girls hated men who smoke cigarettes as they hated the stench from the cigarette which would stick to the shirt of the smoker.

I believed that most mother are the influence of their children’s life as a mother is always closer to her children. This is due to most mothers being housewife or only working part-time as they are usually not the breadwinners of the family. Therefore, they have more time to spend with their children and naturally influenced their life. Even though some of my friends call me a mother’s boy, it does not really affect me as no other person can really influence me as much as my mother and most of the time, the words coming out from your mother’s mouth is the truth. I believed that I am where I am right now because I was raised by a caring and thoughtful parents and I am blessed to have them in my life.

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Reader Response on why the climate fight needs engineers (Draft 4)

In the article “Why the climate fight needs engineers”, Shah (2015) mentions that Edwin Kew, deputy president of IES (Institution of Engineers) stated that ‘urbanisation and population growth’ had made cities in Asia more susceptible to climate changes. The author also mentions that the ‘Engineers Progression Pathway Programme’ was launched to enhance the set of skills engineers have so that they can adapt to a ‘new sustainable urban and economic system’. With this enhancement programme, engineers are able to learn problem solving skills to achieve sustainability to solve the current climate issues. I agree with the article that the climate fight needs engineers but I feel that individuals can also fight the climate change by educating themselves on ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by reconsidering their transportation.

First and foremost, we have to try to cut down on unnecessary means of transportation, as one of the major causes of global warming is car-related emissions. The less we drive, the less petroleum gas will be burnt and the less greenhouse gases are released to the air. In the article “How to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions”, the author mentions that car-pooling with other people to school or work is one of the actions people can take to help reduce carbon emissions.  It is better for an individual to share their ride with others if they are heading to the same destination rather than each individual driving their own personal car there. If the intended destination is nearby, people may also consider cycling there as it does not harm the environment and it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Secondly, people should also consider other modes of transportation before utilizing their own private transportation. If a place is easily accessible by public transport, they should maximise the public transport instead of driving to that place. In the article “Sectoral Measures to Reduce Emissions”, the author states that “A single-deck bus can transport about 80 passengers at any one time, while an average passenger car only carries up to 5 persons.” Although buses and trains releases carbon emissions, they are more efficient than a personal vehicle as they transport more people at one time.

Lastly, if driving is the only option of transportation, people can consider to switch their cars to hybrid-electric cars, which release lesser carbon emissions. One positive point about hybrid-electric cars is that it run partly on electricity and partly on gas. It only consumes electricity during idling and it consumes gas when the vehicle is moving and accelerating. According to Ong (2011), hybrid-electric cars do not come cheap but they are cheaper on a long term basis as they consume lesser gas than any other ordinary cars. As there are many traffic lights in Singapore roads, it is always start-stop traffic situation which results in vehicles releasing more carbon into the air. In order to reduce the release of carbon emissions, people may consider to drive a hybrid-electric car as it uses the electricity during idling which in turn does not release any carbon emissions. The new system in the hybrid-electric car will stop the engine when the vehicle is stopped at any moment which in turn reduces carbon emissions.

In conclusion, I agree that we need engineers to fight climate change but I strongly believe that every individual can also play a part to help reduce carbon emissions in the air if we advise them on how to choose the best mode of transportations. It is important to note that if we all work together to think twice before we drive our vehicles, we can help to fight against climate change.


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Oral Presentation Reflection

Recently, my group and I gave an oral presentation on our proposal of car-sharing to help reduce the traffic congestion on the roads. I was the last presenter for that presentation and my role was to discuss the benefits of the proposed solution and to conclude my group’s presentation.

I felt very confident and calm during my presentation as I had rehearsed my presentation with my groupmates on the day before. I felt that I had delivered the content clearly and concisely despite realising that I focused too much attention solely on my lecturer. I believed that I could improve on my presentation by showing more eye contact to my audiences and not to focus solely on one person.

All in all, this oral presentation has given me another dose of confidence which will help me to deliver my presentation even better in the future for my school and work assignments. Most significantly, I had learnt from my mistakes from the feedbacks that I have received from my peers and my lecturer which will encourage and motivate me to do even better in my next presentation.

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